What’s in a name? Part 3

There’s power in community. Coming together with one purpose, be it snorkeling or running or a campfire or book club or whatever gives a sense of belonging. It’s something most humans long for – kind of like the image above – “like” bagels go in “like” containers! And don’t they look neat, orderly and delicious?!

But sometimes, no matter how much we long for it, we don’t fit. It’s like the one poppyseed got placed in the with sesame – and it’s just not welcome there.

Sometimes that emotional space of not belonging – and being told we don’t belong – damages our spirit so deeply that we end up with PTSD around anything to do with that space.

Maybe the church didn’t want you because your child was too loud. Or maybe you weren’t attracted to the “right” people. Or maybe you went through a divorce and “lost” the right to attend the church you chose together. Or maybe the church simply seems so out of touch it has become irrelevant to you.

Sadly, this happens in churches. Can you relate?

And yet, somehow, you are still seeking spirituality.

You are still feeling that restlessness gnawing at the pit of your being, longing for the empty hole to be filled with something meaningful.

You are still wondering how you might find a group that will accept you for who you are and see your gifts as blessings.

We long for that, too. At Holey, Wholly, Holy we strive to create space for all people to feel loved, accepted, cared for, and of sacred worth.

We hope you join us for our first gathering on Wednesday, November 9 at 7:30 pm (EST) through Facebook Live.

We will spend a little time reflecting on our own sacredness.

We will invite you to share what you are thankful for and what you may desire in a community such as this.

This venue allows you to participate, or to stay anonymous.

There will be more information in the days to come here and on Instagram to prepare for our time together. We hope you will join us as we explore what’s in a name and what’s in a community!

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