Looking for Community

Do we have to be in church to find a spiritual home?

When I was a little girl I loved going to church. Church was where my friends were. The grown ups surrounded us with care and taught us what it meant to live in community. There were chocolate eggs to be made at Easter, the massive hill to roll down during picnics, the kid’s table in the middle of the festivities, the acceptance.

But church isn’t always a safe space to grow and share. Sometimes the church harms us.

I’ve heard stories. Too many to count. And I’ve lived them myself. When the church doesn’t accept who we are – who God made us to be, the wounding goes all the way deep down into our souls. And sometimes we simply cannot stay in the confining building that was once safe and is now filled with harmful memories.

Holey, Wholly, Holy is a safe place.

We come with holes in our spirits

We come seeking wholeness

We come desiring to encounter the holy

I invite you into a journey where we build a place to talk about acceptance, spirituality, social justice, and God in light of how we live our lives in community.

3 responses to “Looking for Community”

  1. This is a place I want to be.


    1. Hey Judy! We will have our first gathering online on November 9 7:30 EST on Facebook live. Keep watching for more information. We’d love to have you join us!


  2. I am so with you!! I have been a Catholic, Lutheran, and now a Methodist. Some church behaviors are harmful, and others keep us from growing in our relationship with God. I am looking for the misfits – those who don’t fit with the mainstream.


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